Robert India

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

Follow me, as I comment on life in Dublin, sexy dates, hot writing and all the things that make me, well me! 

I’m a young executive living and writing in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland. Working for an international media company takes me all over the world and lets me get up to all kinds of mischief! I love sharing these tales with you, writing metrosexual stories involving gay, straight and ‘everything in between’ sexual adventures.

For me, sex should be passionate, intense, sweaty, dirty fun and a no holds barred affair! That’s what I try to capture in my writing, and that’s where I take the reader. Getting the reader to imagine that he or she is the central character in the story: to smell, feel, touch and taste. To be totally immersed in the eroticism of the story.

Not all my stories are set in Dublin, but they all follow my heart’s desires. There are two big passions in my life: great sex and rugby. Quite often, these are combined!

When I’m not working or writing, I enjoy keeping fit in the gym, playing rugby and admiring the beauties of the world. I’ve a passion for philosophy and science, and I’m a secret naturalist!

My motto is, “Life should be fun, and fun should be everywhere”. Follow me, as I focus on the fun with a capital F!


44 thoughts on “Robert India

  1. i can’t wait to read your posts. Guys tell me that I should write porn or stories because when “playing” I can really get into the moment and excite them with my words a lone. I look forward to chatting with you and sharing stories.

  2. Mmm…very interesting, I am certainly please, because I love erotic stories.
    It turns me on, so I look forward to read alot more.
    I only did a brief overview of your blog and indeed I’m impress.

  3. Mmm..very interesting, looking forward to read alot more because I do love erotic stories.
    It do turn me on also, like your choice of words shows that you think ‘out the box’.
    I only did a brief overview of your blog and I’m already impress.
    Well done!!

  4. Definitely a unique blog, and I’m glad I bumped into you on Twitter. Not literally, of course, although I wouldn’t complain if I did…ahem. You write some fascinating prose. I myself am writing my first contemporary romance novel, so it’s definitely been quite the adventure for me. I will be following along to see where you lead us, your intrigued readers. 😉 Very nice to meet you, Robert. All the best, Chris

      1. Robert, I’m doing well with the book…thank you for asking. 🙂 I’m not quite two-thirds through it. And today is a really big deal for me because…okay, no laughing at me here (well, you can chuckle a little if you just can’t help yourself)… I think I look to blogs like yours to help me through some scenes I need to write that I’ve never tackled before. I read a variety of romance and erotica fiction on a regular basis that runs the spectrum of explicitness, and it’s all very inspiring. I wouldn’t consider the tale I’m telling an explicit one by any means, but it will have its moments that need to be real and sensual. In fact, today I’m beginning to work on the sexiest scene I’ve ever written before. So you may not realize it but in your own small way, you’re a bit of a muse. 😉 Now if that doesn’t make you strut like a peacock for at least the afternoon, I don’t know what would. 😉 *ck

  5. My My! you write like I do! Please, tell me where you get your work published? lol for some odd reason, i’m having an issue getting them sold here in the states. Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated! . . keep up the good work. your writting is very good!

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