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On sale now: Femme Fatale: Slave To My Nature Series  BUY IT HERE FOR ONLY $3.68 

Femme Fatale Excerpt 1 : 

Life should have a few indulgences in it. What’s the point of living, if you can’t have a few just deserts? You work hard, you play hard. I work out and train hard, so I deserve a slice of cake.

After a naughty slice of cake, the afternoon can be bit of a slog. The sugar buzz soon wears off, and that mid-afternoon slump hits home. It’s only the thought of meeting some hot thing after work that gets me through the slump. Quite often, that hot thing is the love of my life: a woman who understands me better than I understand myself.

From the moment I met her, I knew that I had to have her. Make her mine and worship her. I don’t mean possess her, as I would a chair or table. What I mean is to give myself to her, completely. She has it all: stunning good looks, clever wit, more brains than a super computer and the kind of kick-ass attitude that brings grown men, like me, to their knees.  And she is never without a killer pair of heels for me to want to lick. She is my kindred spirit, sees the world as I do, and has the balls to call me out on my BS. She is quite simply, bewitching. 

Excerpt 2 :

Sadly for me, Mike’s expertise as a kisser is not matched by his expertise as a cocksucker. He’s all teeth and spit. In my mind, it’s probably down to him not actually having had much practice. He probably kisses his wife all the time, while cock is a rare treat for him. I assume, anyway. And I’m never wrong about these things. Still, a blowjob, even a bad blowjob, is a blowjob. So eyes closed, I lay back to enjoy it.

That is, until her majesty utters her next command. “Eat his ass, baby”. Yes baby, eat my ass. Rimming is one of life’s great pleasures. As a bottom connoisseur, I enjoy both receiving and giving. Some of my female friends tell me that they could never imagine eating out a guy’s ass. My only response is that they have been with the wrong guys. Eating ass is like eating pussy or sucking cock. It’s a pleasure that should be learned and savoured. 

5 Stars Robert Your Such a Good Boy February 1, 2013

As always I loved it! I’m emotionally exhausted, I laughed, cried and then got horny. Houseguest and I need to discuss the ins and outs of pegging in more depth; I need some lessons! Can’t wait for your next release! Congrats Baby! xoxo
 5 stars A Hot and Erotic story ending with love March 26, 2013

Robert, Im in awe! I couldn’t put this book down. An amazing love story that I could relate too. The BDSM touch was perfect and the way you wrote it was so personable. It felt like I was in the room. A great short story that can bring out the kink in anybody. I can wait to continue reading your other story’s. The imagery was written to perfection and the story line is something people only dream about. 🙂
 5 stars Femme Fatale February 2, 2013

By Malia
Robert, once again you’ve left me speechless. Loved it from the first paragraph! Between the chemistry of you and houseguest the two of you simply are the meaning of erotic sex! Bring in the kink Michael and Kate and also your wonderful sub Rick I can only say WOW!!! I love your writing style and your amazing descriptions of every sexual act in this book. I do wish you would have your beautiful houseguest write something from her POV. Loved it loved LOVED IT! Can’t wait for your next release. Irish you are the best!!! xxx


On sale now at Svetlana in Heels BUY IT HERE FOR ONLY $1.22 


“I have taken the liberty of selecting a few exclusive shoes that I think might interest you”. With that, I draw her attention to 6 shoes that I have brought out and arranged on the glass counter. “Black Opened-toe Prada 5 inch, red patent closed-toe Gucci 4.5 inch, yellow Dior slip-ons 3 inch, gold and ivory YSL platforms 6 inch, and snake skin Louboutin strappy 4.5 inch”. These are the most expensive shoes in the store. One thing I know about oligarch wives is that they want the best bling and the most expensive bling.

Mrs. Klashenko takes a seat on the leather couch and purrs like a cat. I think she really likes her shoes. “Please show me Prada, Richard ”. The Prada is a sexy shoe: A slim pencil heel, polished leather upper, with a broad open-toe to really show off the lady’s painted nails. 

“This shoe is from this years spring/ summer collection and is limited to only 500 pairs globally. It’s a fine shoe for any occasion”, I assure her of its providence. I approach to hand her the shoe, but Mrs. Klashenko looks at me like I’m offering her a hand grenade. She fixes my gaze and looks down at her feet, then back up at me. Of course! I place the shoe down and take off my jacket and kneel onto the floor in front of her. “May I?”

            “Please do”, she assures me. Her shoes are a breeze to unstrap, and they slip off easily to reveal perfect little size 6 feet. Her nails are impeccable and her skin soft, supple and cared for. “Richard, my feet are a little sore. Is there anything that you can do?”

            “Of course, Svetlana. I have some special oil that may help”. Springing up from in front of her and step behind the main counter, to where I have a bottle of my own special foot oil. We use it to help women slide into shoes that are way too small for them. But for Mrs. Klashenko, the oil will make a perfect foot rub. The oil is a mix of clover, mint and sage oils. The aroma is delicate and fresh. I offer her the bottle, but once again, I’m met with a stony

5 stars Hot shoe porn! September 11, 2012

By Lorna
A very naughty must read for shoe and foot lovers alike. I loved the detail the writer used when describing the shoes. Not forgetting the hot sex that was had in a very exclusive shoe boutique. A shoe lovers dream come true!

5 stars Hot – Hot – Hot March 17, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I thoroughly enjoyed the steamy chemistry between these two! It was fun, had excellent pacing and delivered exactly what this genre is all about. A mutually satisfied and happy ending.

5 stars Women can never have too many pairs of shoes! December 12, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
An interesting insight into the mind of a naughty shoe salesman, and the discovery of his fetish for sexy feet. Descriptive, explicit… a quick, hot read.



25 thoughts on “One handed books

  1. Just devoured Svetlana In Heels… I absolutely LOVED it. Very naughty and definitely the best shoe/foot porn I’ve ever read. Love the detail you use when describing the shoes. The red patent Gucci heels I want! You really must write more stories from the shoe boutique!!

    1. Hi Lorna! I’m Delighted that you enjoyed the story. There is a big part of me in it. I think Svetlana will be calling again!!
      Where did you purchase the story? If you leave feedback I will send you a sexy email gift!
      Now I need to go get my slipper…..


  2. Just downloaded Svetlana in Heals cant wait to start reading if it’s anything like Femme Fatale I know I will love it!

  3. I did enjoy it…love your writing. also wrote a review for you on amazon for both books…cant wait to read more from you

  4. Just read Femme Fatale! It was well done. I like your style of writing. It is almost a blunt, sarcastic and loving tone to the story. Enough to make you laugh and want to jump someone in an instant. I think it would be fun to learn some new things and have fun playing. Been awhile since i have been taken OTK. :o)

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