15 thoughts on “Contact me!

  1. I found super interesting your webpages. As a bi guy is kind of difficult to find people that one can get related, in part because everyone have an opinion about what they think bisexuality means under their vision on either straight or gay perspective.

  2. Hi Robert, I have bee traveling again and finally catching up with your blogs. No unfortunately did not make it to Ireland, but will be in England end of January for a fund raiser event against domestic violence.
    I’m intrigued by your last blog. Do you and house guest plan this encounters? Is house guest always same person. In other words is she and you exclusive with each other?
    Are you inspired by what you see, what you live or fantasies you want to make reality. Or all of the above?xxx.

  3. Ha ha, obviously house guest always gets her way. Good for her. How are other stories coming along?
    I have great friends in Dublin and I really should visit soon. For now it’s England. If you two happen to be in England 1st of February then join us on the fund raise we will walk on fire. Which should be easy for you since you both are always hot. Lol.
    If you are ever in US. Let me know. Will be exciting to meet for a martini and exchange ideas about writing.
    This last blog was pretty entertaining. You sounded like a child on time out. But once free you made sure your time was well used. Ha ha, loved it! x

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