Kinky Confessions

Kick her in the vagina


The look on her face: pain or is that pleasure?

It’s hard to tell

I’ve never seen anyone get off like that before

There’s no easy way to say this

So I’ll just spit it out

She’s getting kicked in the crotch



This is no Trump style ‘grab em by the pussy’


This is a full on kick in the gee

No messing, no mercy

Just a foot up the snatch


Fair play to her, she took it well

Kick after kick

She hardly flinched

Just a slight groan…..


Naturally it was another woman kicking her

Who else would know how to kick woman in vagina to get her off?

This went of for about 10 minutes and then they all sat down and had a drink

How very civilised!


Of course I asked my beloved Houseguest if she would like me to kick her in the minge

Would you like you balls in a vice?

Thats a no then!

She’s such a prude!


People really do get off in the most bizarre ways

So how do you tell a new partner that you like something bizarre?

Over dinner you blurt out:I like to get pegged 

Or at church you whisper: I’d like you to kick me in the vagina


There’s never a perfect time to tell someone just how perverted you are

My advice is to just own up from the very beginning

Would do you reckon kinksters? 

5 thoughts on “Kinky Confessions

  1. I’m more worried about the bruising . It seems the pain from this would last much longer than the pleasure. The brain can be conditioned to associate only pain with sex. Individuals who do, come from a history of abuse in their lives. My hope for these people is to find pleasure in a gentle touch, a caring hand, a sensitive lover or friend. No one should go through life finding pleasure only through pain

  2. I would say if your partner or date is into kinky sex to spice up the sex, then you should tell each other at the beginning so they can say if they were OK with it or not. There’s information out there that show some pain increases orgasms.

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