Corrupting the gays

MFMGay or Straight?

Bisexual or Curious?

Which one are you? Any one, at any given time?

Sexuality is a funny thing. We get so worked up about it.

It becomes a label. We wear it like a comfortable set of clothes.

But what if you want to change clothes?

Easier said than done.

The problem is the ‘Fear’.

No, not the ‘Fear’ you get after a night out on the beer. The other ‘Fear’, shame

What will other people think? They’re only used to me dressing like this or that.

They’re only used to me being gay or straight or………. single!

Thankfully some people are able to get over the ‘Fear’.

So what’s it like for a gay man to try on a new outfit?

It’s not easy! Not easy at all. The only way to do it is via a MFM threesome.

Who would have thought that a vagina was so intimidating?

Though I think in all honesty I think he was really just intimidated by Houseguest.

She’s a formidable woman! Even I’m afraid of her!

But if there’s one thing that melts her heart, its the sight of two men going at it!

Makes her want to rub her pussy right away.

Back to pussy, turns out it’s very scary. Too scary to lick!

That was a hurdle to high to jump. He just couldn’t do it.

But thankfully ‘fucking’ was not. Turns out that gay men love to fuck pussy!

So much so that they come back the next night for more!

And why not? What’s not to love!?

A new set of clothes really suits him. He’s wearing Bisexual and he’s rocking it!

As for my beloved Houseguest, she now thinks she has the super power of turning all gay men into bisexual men.

Super hero name ‘PowerSnatch’.

You better watch out power bottoms!

Could you change your outfit?







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