Cucks & their women

Do you get cucks or their women?


I’ll never really get cucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I get watching.

Who doesn’t love a great show?

But I mean, just sitting there, watching…… and not doing anything.

That I don’t get.

I’m the kind of guy who needs to get involved.


So when my buddy told about a 4some where he hid in the kitchen drinking cups of tea…

Well I just had to tell him.

Listen K, you need to get in there and bone your woman, or you’ll lose her!

Foolish Robert, really you know nothing!

Being a cuck is all about trust and foreplay.

All those other men and women, they are just warming her up for me!

cuck fun



Well I never looked at it like that.

You fuck after they have all left?

Well OK.

I guess….


I’m still not totally sure I get it or believe him.



But who am I to judge?

If a man wants to drink cups of tea while his partner gets fucked in the ass, well good luck to him!


In fact we have come to an agreement.

Next time he wants to be a cuck I will drop by and keep him company.

By that I mean bum him and call him names.

He likes that.

The bumming, not the name calling.

I like that bit.

warm up the cuck

You see that way he’s getting warmed up too.

Isn’t that fair?

Of course it is.

Whats good for the goose is good for the cuck.

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