Period Sex

As we all know, the things you want most are the things you can not chav

So when she told me she was having her period…..

Well I knew then that I simply must have her.

Ordinarily this would not be a problem.

But we were at a party.

You know the type, special interest, adults only….

She insisted that it would be improper.

What if there was a mess?

What would people say?

Why do we care what people say?

It seems we live in perpetual fear of people’e opinions.

Of their judgement,

Of their ridicule,

Of being found out by them.

But then I suppose thats the thing with sex.

The dirty little word that fills the Irish with guilt and shame.

Not me of course.

I don’t feel guilt.

I share that character trait with megalomaniacs and serial killers.


Of what?

Enjoying sex?

Don’t we all enjoy sex?

Oh, that other thing. Having multiple partners.

Oh right….. no I don’t feel any shame either.

I share that trait with aristo’s and chavs.

Chavs have always intrigued me.

There is is something about them that I find intimidating, and yet so……

Whats the word I’m looking for?


Yes I know its wrong.

But I look at a skinny under fed skank and can’t help but feel a stirring.

It’s their sheer audacity that gets me.

They simply don’t give a fuck!

Isn’t that attractive?

Anyway, back to my out of bounds friend.

I did the decent thing and ate her pussy until she came.

It was the very least that I could do.

I am a gentleman afterall.


What fills you with shame?

One thought on “Period Sex

  1. I love the content but I would never go down on a women on her period. I would how ever fuck her since I done that before. Just place a towel under her no problem.

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