Who’s riding Ashley Madison?


Ashley Madison

How could this have happened without me noticing?

It seems everyone was at it.

Apart from me.

How could you all be be having so much fun without me!?

And now it seems like I’ve missed the party.

I’m talking about Ashley Madison of course.

Now that the emails are out,

It seems like every bible bashing, kiddie fiddling pervert was in on the action.

OK, so maybe I had a lucky escape!

So I’m told some of you are shocked.

I’m not sure what about.

You’re shocked that people are cheating on their husbands and wives?


Oh, you’re shocked to see so many fallen heroes?


What do you think happens behind closed doors?

The reality is that people want do all sorts of freaky things.

Truckers want to suck cock.

Housewives want to fuck their tennis coaches.

Husbands want to bone the au pair.

Who in their right mind would trust a person who claimed to be a saint?

So now that the shit has hit the fan, and our dirty secrets are out, what are we going to do?

What can you do?

Suck it up, like a trucker!

Maybe its time to start living in the light and stop hiding in the shadows?

Instead of having an affair, why not involve your other half?

And if your beloved does not want to be involved?

Well then its time to jog on.

You only live once, so make sure you live.

7 thoughts on “Who’s riding Ashley Madison?

  1. I’m not surprised people were rooting around on their partners, I am surprised they were stupid enough to use their real names and legit emails on the site. Nothing is sacred on the web! They deserve to be caught.

  2. I was well aware of Ashley Madison before it all hit the fan. My husband used it to have an affair for over a year. It all changed when the married woman decided to divorce her husband and expected my husband to do the same. Really? The site was created for married people looking to have an affair, not find another suitable mate. The idea is an affair, which is just a quick fuck with no strings attached. It is what it is. If your sex life at home is that bad, talk to your partner about it. Communication is the key! Try to find ways to spice it up at home or call it quits and move on. I don’t like all the publicity that the website is getting by being on the news.

  3. Don’t be sorry, as a result a lot of good things happened that needed to happen. He realized how important and valuable I was and I realized I needed to explore ideas to make our sex life better. I started reading fiction and nonfiction to spice up our relationship, as a result, our sex life increased dramatically. We talk more and experiment more. I have become addicted to erotic reading and exploring toys. We have talked about some of our fantasies, but haven’t acted on all of them. I’ve gone from one extreme to another and he calls me freaky (in a good way). Sometimes I feel like I’ve missed out on some much. Being a generation x and living in an area of the US called the “Bible Belt”, sex was not something your talked about. I am glad people are now more open to discuss sex in my area of the world. Sorry so long, I should make this a topic in my blog, not just a reply. To answer your question, I am willing to make things interesting.

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