Adventures at Caliente Part 3



I have to admit that dancing naked is rather liberating.

At first you feel a bit awkward.

You cock is swaying about, and you’re not quite sure of yourself.

But then as you look around and see everyone else dancing about without a care in the world, you realise that it really is no big deal.


The women of course have no such problems.

In fact, it is they that strip you naked.

Take Mrs Kentucky, she’s not happy being naked.

She needs all her friends to be naked too.

When you look as good as her, its good to be naked.


But she does have wondering hands.….

No sooner am I in my birthday suit that I feel her hands all over me.

On my bum, across my chest, a gentle brush of my genitalia.

She really has no shame.

Thank God she’s hot.

Hotness forgives you anything.

Not content, she gets her friend to join her.


“Can I touch you”?

Americans can be so polite…..when they wan to be.

Of course you can touch me!

What kind of man would not want to be touched up by two hot women?

Now I am but a weak and feeble man.

If you touch me there, there will be a reaction.

So I had to make a hasty retreat before I totally disgraced myself.

To the hot tub!


Even swinger resorts have rules.

Raging erection at in the middle of the dance floor?


Raging mickey in the hot tub?

Sure, knock yourself out!


That’s the thing with penises.

They have a mind of their own.

Ladies have no such trouble.

When was a woman ever let down by vagina?

OMG look at her raging pussy, has she no shame?

Exactly. Never.

I’ve been surrounded by hot naked women and I’ve had to keep my penis under control.

It’s been a real struggle.

Something had to give.

And it did.


Thankfully there was a beautiful lady happy to help my beloved Houseguest relieve my tension in the hot tub.


Sucking cock is the new shaking hands.

You heard it first here.

But only in hot tubs.

How about that!








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