Adventures at Caliente Part 2

hot tub orgy


Some people really have no manners.

I mean if you’re going to squirt in the hot tub at least let me get in a position to watch!

And I really do need to watch.

Who wouldn’t want to be in the heart of the action?

My beloved Houseguest is always complaining that I’m a nosey so and so.

Always asking questions that I shouldn’t.

But I just can’t help myself.

I just need to know stuff.


Having said that I’m happy to share.

People are always trying to work me out.

Yes, I’m into the ladies but also very metrosexual.

I guess people are just too polite to ask me: do you suck cock?

The answer is yes.

But only big ones!


As I’m sure you all know by now, its fine for the wife to be bi.

But in Swingerville bi men are not the norm.

So it should come as no surprise to hear that it was a woman making the lady squirt in the pool.

You’ll be glad to know that I resisted the temptation to give her a round of applause.


So what are the rules regarding fun in the pool?

Seems that in the dark anything goes.

Sucking, licking, fucking, squirting.

How about coming?

Now I like to see a guy cum as much as the next sex fiend.

But in a pool?

I really don’t like the idea of some randomers cum being stuck to the side of my head.

I take that back!

What I mean is I don’t like to see cum floating about in a pool.

What if it floated up into a woman?

Imagine explaining that one in nine months time!


Now I’m not trying to be a cock blocker.

I’m merely urging some self-restraint.

But when have men ever been able to demonstrate self-control?

So how about we insist on all the men wearing cock cages?

What you reckon ladies?

Fancy engaging in some cum- denial?

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