Adventures at Caliente Part 1

nudist resort florida

Is there anyone more patriotic than the Americans?


So it should it come at no surprise to see a hot naked blonde belt out the national anthem at Caliente.

Naturally all the naked yanks stood up and clutched their chests.

Brought a tear to my eye it did.

Although that could have been due to my beloved Houseguest squeezing my balls as a punishment for laughing!



Yes, naked.

Caliente is a ‘clothing optional’ resort.

I think that’s a euphemism for something…….


Anyway, there’s only so much naked karaoke I can take.

I mean I love Celine Dion as much as the next homo-chollo but there were more interesting things to see and do.

In the hot tub.

We don’t have hot tubs in Ireland.

It’s just too cold.

So I was rather taken aback to see a fine young lady getting her pussy eaten as she sat at the edge of the hot tub.


A hottie from Kentucky explained it to me.

People are just being friendly; we’re all here to have fun. So don’t be a cockblocker!


Well of course they are!

Bless her heart!


As for being a cockblocker?

Heaven forbid.

Who’d want to be a cockblocker??!!!

Not me!

It’s always my cock being blocked!


I could see Mrs Kentucky making eyes at a sexy Cuban lady.

Who promptly came over and said its OK to play with my tits!

So we left them to play tittsie.

Sadly Mr Cuban turned out to be a cockblocker.

Specifically blocking Mr Kentucky’s.

Ruining everyone’s fun.


That was enough to send us to our bedroom.

The thing with having a mirror over your bed is that you end up watching yourself.

Which is never a good thing when you should be enjoying the company of a hot woman, or man, or couple, etc. etc.

However it does make you work on your form, pull everything in tight and thrust that little bit harder and deeper.

Not that my beloved Houseguest was complaining.

Two orgasms later the mirror had served it’s purpose and it was time for bed.


Read more about a stay in Caliente tomorrow!

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