boring sex

Sex or Love

boring sexHe’s a good man.

He’ll be an excellent father.

He’s so giving.

He even helps around the house.


God love him, but he just can’t fuck.

She’s tried to teach him.

Lick her, poke there, put it in there!

And yet…

He simply cant get the hand of it.

I mean is it really that hard?

Fucking that is…..

You just have to throw yourself in there and give it all you got.

What more is there to it i?

Its’ not brain surgery.

A marriage without orgasms is surely doomed.

When I say without orgasms, I mean hers.

He always comes.

Rather too quickly…..

But like she said, he’s going to be a good dad etc.

He has a great job, he’s charming, funny, good looking, a true gentleman.

The Gods can be so cruel.

The poor wretched creature.

Like a true friend, I offered to drop by a take care of business.

But she’s turned me down.

Whats that about?

Anyway, it appears that she sees this as her lot in life.

Like so many women do.

You can’t have everything…..right?

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