Should you snitch?


Would you?Track-My-Cheating-Husbands-Phone-Now

I mean is it right?

You know….

To tell her that her man is a cheater?


Well its not that simple or straight forward.

Its not just that he’s cheating.

He’s a swinger.

They are swingers.

But he likes to meet ladies on the slide.

And not just any old ladies.

Nope, he wants to steal away with another swinger’s wife!


Now that is very sneaky!

How did I find out?

Seems like everyone knows.

Apart from his wife that is!

Isn’t that always the way?

The wives are always the last to know.

Too busy getting their pussy’s eaten!


The thing I don’t get is, why does he want to play without the wife?

Aren’t morseome more fun?

Why have a boring 2 way?


Anyway, should we tell her?

Or am I just being totally dumb?

She’s a woman.

She must know already!

How stupid of me!

Maybe she’s up to the same thing?

People and their silly games.


But I don’t like the idea of my beloved HG with a man like her.

With a woman like her?

God yes!

But him?

No, the lending library is closed.


So I’ve decided I’m not going to play their demented game.

But she is hot……maybe we’ll borrow her!


Should you tell a woman her man is a cheater?

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