Failure to launch 

unhappy swingers

Its not his fault.

We don’t blame him at all.

Sometimes it just happens.

Who’s to blame?

She is……… his wife.

This is her fantasy.

But he’s obviously not relaxed.

Not happy.

And she’s left him hanging.

You may think that any red blooded male would love a foursome.

Especially with us, we’re hot!

But for most normal men, the first few times are nerve wracking.

And nerves lead to performance issues.

What kind of freak wouldn’t find it all a bit scary?!!

There is a solution.

You just have to go slower.

Spend more time with your partner before you swap.

Let your body get relaxed via the familiarity of your partner’s touch.

But not this night.

Tonight she’s ignoring him.

Letting him drown.

She’s only concerned with her only pleasure.

The pleasure I’m trying to give her.

While ignoring the elephant in the room.

The unhappy husband.

As for my beloved Houseguest.

She’s trying her best.

But we both know its not going to work.

‘Trying’ just makes things worse.

Puts more pressure on him and makes him feel worse.

Of course its a total boner killer.

Who can enjoy intimacy under these circumstances.

No person who feels an ounce of empathy.

So we call it a day and head into the city.

Leaving them to their own devices.

Will we ever see them on the circuit again?

I suspect we will see her around.

But not him.

No, he’ll be at home minding the kids.

Wives! Who’s have them?!!


What do you make of his wife’s behaviour?

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