Sexy and disabled

sexy lady with walking stick

Can you be sexy and disabled?

Yes? No?


Can you be an active swinger and need a walking stick?

Seems you can.

We all have a comfort zone.

And sometimes its good to get pushed out of it.

When I met her I have to say I was at first….. apprehensive.

But she bowled me over with her…… enthusiasm for life.

She may need a walking stick, but there’s nothing wrong with her horny pussy.

Or mouth or ass!

Truth be told, I guess most of us would struggle with asking a disabled person out.

Maybe we all have prejudices inside of us that stop us from making moves on a disabled hottie.

Oh yes, she was hot.

Cute, petite, confident.

She just has a bad hip.

So was sex any different?

Yes it was.

At first anyhow.

That was until she called me out.

“I wont break you know”.

She was right, she was pretty unbreakable.

She knew what she wanted, what she wanted was to be pounded.

Hard and without a care for disabilities.

For her sex was an escape.

When she was no longer disabled.

She was just a sexy woman with needs and wants.

Not an object of pity.

So take my advice,

Next time you see a disabled person, remember that he or she is a sexual being.

You may just have the night of your life.

3 thoughts on “Sexy and disabled

  1. I’m in total agreement with you on that. But what if the person’s disability is being a total fucktard, a bitch or a home wrecker? People can’t help being idiots, right? Would you fuck them anyway, cause they have a hole, like. There are PLENTY of lines I won’t cross, but your lovely lady had a great state of mind, and that is pretty damned sexy.

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