Who’s face are you riding?

eat my pussy Who’s face are you riding?


The great thing about getting head is that you can just close your eyes, relax and enjoy it.

Unless of course you’re sitting on your lovers face.

In which case you can close your eyes and ride his face until your done.

But you are still closing your eyes.


Now I’ve always liked to think that when I’m with someone, my lover(s) close their eyes and think about me.

Sadly not even my beloved does that.

So I guess no one does.


So who is the light of my life thinking about?

Brad Pitt?

Ryan Gosling?

Hugh Jackman?



She dreams about her colleague at work.

The delicate, innocent looking one.

The one she wants to ‘break’.

I’m shocked!

Only kidding!!

I’m not shocked at all.

She is a Domme after all.

She’s just obsessed with corrupting and correcting.

Who can blame her?


So whom do I think about?

I actually think about all past rides.

All put together into some kind of Frankenstein’s monster.

The legs of her, the feet of so and so, his ass, that girls pussy, oh and HG’s boobs.

Hey presto!

The freak that gets me freaky.


What is sex without the imagination?

It’s crappy sex.

It’s not just about whom you fantasise about.

It’s about what you dream about doing.

Those funny things that will drive your partner wild.

So get dreaming and start doing!


Who do you dream about when your eyes are closed?

5 thoughts on “Who’s face are you riding?

  1. Hey now, you didnt explain why I was envisioning her! I couldnt get off on the thought if smothering you, but suffocating someone else on the other hand……

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