50 shades of…. Oh feck it already!

Houseguest rules

Monkey see, monkey do.

All this talk of 50 Shades of Grey has me inspired.

Well actually not for long.

You see I’m just not patient enough.


Restraints: they look great in pictures.

A hot siren tied to the bed.

At your mercy.……


Fuck me it takes ages to ‘restrain’ a wench.

And then access is severely curtailed.

That will never do.

So I had to un-restrain her, big mistake….


You should never untie a Houseguest.

She is an excitable beast and one is likely to regret it.

And I did.

You see she on the other hand is a patient harlot.

And good with rope.

Happy to see me tied up and at her mercy.

She simply cannot accept that I am the Dom and she is my Sub.


Oh, and she has no mercy.

Hell no.

Stripy ass?

That will suit you nicely Robert!

Begging to be released?

Ball gag!

She knows that I have a small mouth.

Terrible really, I can only suck one cock at a time.

Its bleeding tragic.


So I’ve had it with 50 Shades.

No more stupid plastic BDSM shit.

From now on its going to be vanilla fun.

And plenty of it.

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