Useless lovers

boring threesome

There is no getting away from it.

Some men are just useless lovers.


You would think that with two men you would get at least one decent shag.

Sadly not.

Not for my friend Mrs G.

I feel somewhat responsible.

You see I put one of the men onto her.

At the time I thought he may be fun…..

So there she is, with my ‘referral’ and his buddy.

She’s thinking this is going to be a great threesome.

Little did she know.

Every time they open their mouths……

In short they are boner killers.

Pretty but unfeasibly irritating when talking.

This horror story gets worse.

Both are suffering from wood trouble.

Wood trouble!

With a hottie like Mrs G in front of them??!!!

No DP as they can’t both get hard at the same time.

Then one decides he is ‘going to get a bite from the hotel bar’.

Of course he never returns.

That leaves her with the ‘referral’.

He promptly spunks on her back and makes a run for it.

As far as crap threesomes go, this is pretty much up there with the worst of them.

There is only one thing I can do.

Make it up to Mrs G with a real threesome.

But I’ll tell you about that another time.

In terms of sexual etiquette is there anything worse?

I can’t imagine that there is.

Isn’t the whole point of sex coming?

Don’t get me wrong; you want to make your lover(s) come too.

But you still ant to orgasm yourself.


So what am I to do about these two fucktards?

I’ve let it be known on the sexvine that they are sextarded.

In fact I have blackballed them.


What would you do to punish them?

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