Camp Husbands: could you cope with one?

What do you make of them?

A married man who is…. theatrical.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying you can’t be a man if you’re a bit camp.

But to see a man being that camp around his wife…..

Thats a bit odd right?

But you meet all sorts when swinging.

camp man

Who am I to say?

My job is to ride, not to pass judgement.

Lo and behold, he was a weird ride.

All give and no take.

Whats is that about?


Great sex is all about pleasing, and getting pleased.

One without the other is just plain odd.

In his defence he did say that he got great pleasure from pleasing his wife, HG and me.

But I still found it it disconcerting.

Not that his wife was complaining as he made her squirt and orgasm for the millionth time.


It later transpired that when they have sex it involves a strap on.

And his ass.

Why am I not surprised?

Seems the way to get him off is by pounding his hole.

Naturally I offered but he declined.

He’d like to but not while his wife is watching?!

strapon love

Now what is that about?

I really don’t get that.

She already knows that he is a bumbanditos.

So why hide that fact that he craves a serious porking?

His loss was his wife’s gain.

I showed him how it was done, then let him lick her after.

He was thrilled!



So easy to please!

5 thoughts on “Camp Husbands: could you cope with one?

  1. Hmm, seems like multiple issues to me. LOL. Camp. Camp is cool with me. I am a child of the ’80s and “Glam Rock”. Long Hair, makeup, big billowy shirts….ahhhhhh. Paired with Rocky Horror… A guy in a skirt ( kilts make any red blooded girl drool a bit). Sorry, I digress.

    I camp really your issue or guys that do not get off? Not in front of the wife? Well, some people are a little cum shy. Being watched makes it hard for them to let go. Maybe he fears hurting his wife by appearing to enjoy it more with someone else. So, intellectually I understand why they might not be into it. I do have to say, I hate when a guy does not cum. I love the show. I love the power one feels from making a guy explode. Plain and simple. LOL

    1. I’m cool with interesting Gam Rock…. but just plain camp…..hmmmmm
      As for not spreading his hold in front of his wife! If he’s happy to take her plastic cock he should be happy to take my flesh n bone cock!
      Oh and he did not cum!

  2. I get it; some guys just love having their ass pounded, will readily agree to having girlfriend strap it on and give it to him good and hard… but wouldn’t want wifey seeing another guy giving him the high hard one. It seems strange but I’ve found it to be a common behavior in a swinging situation, like the guy who will chow down on your cock when wifey’s not around but when she is, he acts like he’s afraid to even look at your dick, let alone touch or suck it.

    I think it’s an image kind of thing and it makes a guy in this situation become very self-conscious if wifey sees that he likes this shit more than she already knows. It almost stands to reason that if is willing to let her peg him, she’d be okay watching him getting pegged with the real thing and he’d be okay with letting her see that… but there’s nothing logical or reasonable about sex, is there? What we expect and think makes sense doesn’t always turn out out to be that way…

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