The love of breasts


There is no getting away from it.

Men love titts.

And you women know it.

Straight or gay, they hold sway over us.

Straight men want to suck on them.

Like babies.

Gay men want to point and stare, maybe cop a feel.

Women have long known that men love them.

Probably explains why they have implants.

A woman’s sexual attractiveness is wrapped up in her baps.

A saggy rack equates to a loss of hottness.


So what do I love about titts?

I like them big.

I like them pert.

I like them with sensitive nipples.

I like to worship them.

Kiss and caress them.

And I adore rubbing my dick between them.

I just love them.

So why the hell are we getting so upset about women breast feeding in public?

I can tell you why.

Its an abomination.

Grown men love looking at breasts.

But to see them in that context…..

Well its just fucked up.

It de-sexualises them.

And we simply can’t have that.

A woman’s boobs are to be lusted after.

Not for feeding children.

So put away your babies.

And get out your knockers!

13 thoughts on “The love of breasts

  1. And I love them, loving them! And let’s not forget other women loving them! Ooooo softness agsainst softness, hard against soft the multitude of choices!!

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