Sinful Sunday : Sex racism 

inter racial

When I see a hot ass I want it.

I think about the things I could do to it:

Bite it.

Lick it.

Finger it.

Fuck it!

I don’t think is that ass Irish?

So when a pair of hotties ask if we mind if they are Polish,

What do I say?

I say: hell no! Lets just get naked!!

Its pretty evident that these hotties have experienced anti-Polish sentiment.

From swingers.

Yes, from free spirited, open minded swingers.

Just goes to show that even though you may open your legs,

You may close your mind.

But then swingers have the same character failings as anyone else.

There are those who think that swingers are a breed apart.

Truth is they are not.

We’re everywhere.

I mean that.

When I say everywhere, I really mean it.

Teachers, Garda, firemen, judges and politicians.

Hell we have even met a priest at an orgy.

That dog collar really suited him.

Anyhow, I feel us paddy have let these two down.

So there is only one way to make it up to them.

On behalf of all Ireland.

We are going to ride the life out of them.

Until they can’t walk!

After-all, hot is hot, right?

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