Dating Ugly chicks

Dating Ugly chicks



What the fuck is that about?

Dating an ugly chick!

His words not mine. 

OK, I exaggerate.

He merely said he wasn’t that into her.

But on the plus side, she was a good shag.

You Sir are an arsehole.

Do you get that?

Why would you tell someone that you’re not that into your date?

I cant help but think thats just about the worse thing you can do to a lady.

What’s it say about him?

Other than him being a total dick?!

I put it to my beloved: why is he doing this?

Because this poor boy is a Queen!
Say what now?

Yes, he’s gay. No sane woman wants him, so he’s just making do.… until he gets cock.

How the hell did she work all that out?

But she has a point.

He is a bit camp.

And wants a bi 4some.

It all makes sense now!

He is a bumbandito!

Well I guess I should help him out.

Here’s my plan, we tie him up, the ladies put on their ‘correctors’ and we run a train on his ass!

He gets what he needs, while at the same time being punished for his stupidity!

Win, win!

Where will this leave him?

Is there any going back to his fake hetero life?


He’s sure to become fabulous,

His dress sense will improve immeasurably,

And he’ll learn how to bake.


We are real humanitarians!

14 thoughts on “Dating Ugly chicks

  1. I stand by my assessment of him, but it hardly seems fair that he should get what he really craves out of a play date. Considering he is an ass. How about a new plan…. We meet and tie him up so he can only watch. Then she and I fuck you with our strains and he dies of jealousy!

  2. Lord the predictive spelling is killing me! How did strap on become STRAIN!!!!

    How is it mean to give you the cock you love and deny the same to him. Just shows there is justice in the world after all, even if it is meted out by me!

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