Sinful Sunday: women who can’t cum

4some swinging

Sometimes its just impossible to do it.

Do what?

Make a woman cum.

I should have realised it was going to be tricky.

She had the mother of all wands, plugged into the power grid.

Try as I might, it just wasn’t happening.

In the end she started making ‘excuses’.

She’s had a few drinks, she’d had a tough day.

Not sure why she was making excuses, it was hardly her fault.

Or was it?

She was hard work, as in highly strung.

Some women find it hard to cum.

Especially with a person they’ve just met for the first time.

I totally get that.

But I’ve always thought they key is in relaxing.

It still may not work, but at least you are helping yourself.

She would just not relax.

Which I found very irritating.

Irritated because I really wanted her to cum.

Just as she felt bit of a failure for not coming, I felt a failure for not making her cum.

In the end it was getting late.

We made our excuses and parted company.

Not the best playdate ever.

Can it ever be classed a good play date when one of you is left unsatisfied?

Of course not.

In fact it should be classed as a failure.

Part of me wants to meet her again.

To put right, what was left undone.

But actually there is someone else who can put it right.

Her husband.

Plenty of swinger women can actually only have great sex with their partners.

The swinger sex, is just a side dish.

The main course is the love of their lives.

4 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: women who can’t cum

  1. You’re getting soft, Mr India.
    And to top it off you have a failure on your list.
    Of course, you are right. Relaxation is the key in playdates but i’m surprised you couldn’t help her in some way!
    Surely you’re not intimidated by a wonder wand????

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