Women with no taste

dating ugly men Truly I know not what’s wrong with her.

Her behaviour is quite something.

It’s like she can’t help herself.

There is a conveyor belt of mingers leaving her bed.

One more uglier than the other.


Now don’t get me wrong.

Ugly people deserve sex too.

But with other ugly people.

Unless they’re rich.

In which case they deserve sex with people who are ugly on the inside.


Women are supposed to be discerning.

It’s us men who are supposed to be ‘fuck anything’ horn dogs.

But she’s more of a man than I am.

She has a quality control problem.


I suppose there is an outside chance that she sees past the obvious.

She sees something beautiful in us all.

The things that I am blind to.

Well that’s just stupid.

This is swinging.

Not falling in love.

Don’t be a romantic old fool.


We are supposed to get together.

You know, to fuck.

But I’m not so sure.

What would it be saying about us, if we were to get together?

My beloved Houseguest is less than impressed.

A woman with no taste is not a lady!

She right of course.

But then ladies always are.


Being an auld bollix, I simply must interject.

Explain to her that as a hottie she can only bonk other hotties.

However one stern look from HG has put me in my place.

Fine I wont say a thing.

But I warn you all.

Where will it all end?

One minute you’re bonking munters.

The next you’re married to one!


Would you date or sleep  an ugly man of money, fame, notoriety, drink, for a bet?!!

7 thoughts on “Women with no taste

  1. As always, the beloved Houseguest is right! A woman with no taste is not a lady!
    But doing a ‘minger’ to satisfy a need is maybe a reflection of the doer. Maybe this woman considers herself a minger, even if she does look hot!

    And FYI, no!!! Never!!!!!
    I love my orgasms too much to waste them on something/someone superficial!!!

    You’re growing wise in your old age, Mr India!
    Keep listening to your Beloved and you’ll go far 😉

    1. Robert was being nice, when he said I didn’t think she was a lady. I actually said she is a fucktard. He is much nicer than I am!

      1. LOL. Fucktard!!!! Appropriate for a woman boning mingers.
        And HG you are nice……. and fierce. Otherwise you’d never keep Mr. India in line 😉

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