Fantasy Friday: Bad Swingers


Some men really do need a kick in the hole.

I mean kind of man would do such a thing?

Expect such things?

It’s no wonder it all went wrong.

How did I find out?

I asked of course.


You see there is this couple.

Good looking, hot etc etc….

But I could never quite get a handle on her.

Did she really want this?

Or was it just his fantasy that she was having live out.


So they asked us to join them.

I say they, I mean him.

No chance.

We made some excuse, but pointed them in the direction of Mr L.

Mr L is a fabulous man, great body and huge…..personality!


I had to find out how it went down.

And Mr L was happy to spill the beans.

She was totally drunk, and he was the worst cock sucker ever.

It was bit of a disaster.

So bad in fact that he made his excuses and left after an hour.

I was kind of taken aback.

I mean Mr L is a total ride, if she didn’t fancy him it could only mean one thing.

She’s no swinger, oh and her husband is a twat for making her do it.


Such behaviour can not go unpunished.

So I’ve decided that we will meet them.

I’m going to speak to his wife and hatch a plan.

She will take a seat, pour a glass of wine, sit back, relax and watch the show.

As my beloved and I torment her stupid husband.

She will tell us all the things that he hates, and we will do them to him.

It will be a bit like Pavlov’s dog, in reverse, I think?

Anyway, he’ll never want to go swinging again

And she can get back to being the centre of his universe.

Which is just where she belongs.

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