Sinful Sunday: Should you stare at breasts?

busty woman I just can’t help myself.

I mean there they are!

And they look bloody amazing.

Well done you on a cracking set of baps!

People keep telling me that you should never stare at a woman’s boobs.

And they’re right.

You should always keep eye contact with a lady when you chat to her.


But if I see a hot lady across the room, with a great figure.

And a LOW cut top.

I’m going to look at her rack.

Why else would a lady wear a low cut top?

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying she’s wearing it for me.

She’s wearing it for her, and maybe her husband, boyfriend etc.

But if you did not want people to appreciate your fine boobs, you would not have them on display.



My beloved Houseguest is the same.

I’m alway catching her staring at men’s bottoms.

Once I even caught her adjusting herself.

Like men do, you know.

When they get a semi after seeing a fine piece of ass.


Back to boobs.

Is it polite to tell a woman she has great titts?

I mean you have them on show, but no one is allowed to comment?!

Look at it this way, you’re friend is wearing great high heels.

You would comment right?

Or a super new handbag.

And shouldn’t you always comment on a new hair cut?

Of course you should.

When a person looks great you should tell them.

So from now on I’m alway going to congratulate a woman on her great rack.

What do you reckon. Am I onto a winner?


12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Should you stare at breasts?

  1. Poor Robert, stick to trying to understand men. Hotness will only get you so far when you act like an ass around a woman. Granted, some women appreciate it, but most will think you a fool! No woman would tell a strange man that his cock fills his jeans nicely. Don’t make me punish you!!!!!

  2. I cannot help but stare at a nice pair of breasts., but I also love to stare at a man’s package or nice ass. If it looks good you just gotta look…..

  3. if it’s on display and she’s alone, comment away. If she’s with someone- NOPE! lol that’s would be my rule of thumb. If she’s covered up her girls but her jugs are still lovely- say nothing 🙂

  4. I always compliment! but it usually turns into a complimenting of each other’s racks, then an invitation to touch and squeeze, comparing implants to implants, implants to real, real to real, and the show begins!

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