Sinful Sunday: Who’s a bad girl?

Sexy Sub woman

They say opposites attract.

Tops and bottoms.

Subs and Doms.

Men and women.

But this isn’t always the case.


Imagine Mr and Mrs Sub.

Work that one out.

He’s shy and retiring.

If I didn’t know any better I would think he was a cute little gay bottom.

She wants to be restrained and spanked.

For the craic like.

She whispered it to me, under her breath like a good Sub.


Listen I get it.

You want a dominant man to take control and make you come.

And you want a Domme to fuck you with a strap-on.

I’m a man of the world.

Its cool.

I don’t judge.

What I don’t get is you two together.

I mean. do you guys, you know, do you actually get jiggly with it?

Oh yes! Always! None stop. In fact we did it just before we came out tonight.

OK, they are not fucking at all.


Someone needs to save these two idiots from themselves.

Who better to do this than my beloved and I?

The corrector is out and ready to make a man out of him.

And I’m getting my hands spruced up.

Who’s want to be spanked with a rough, un manicured hand?

How middle class.

We are totally going to rock their world.


But I do see one problem ahead.

Once they get what they’ve been missing out on, they are finished.

There will be no going back.

With each other.

You see two subs just does not compute.

Like two Dom’s or two tops.

Not unless….

Of course!

What they need is a permeant third wheel.

A firm, dominant, demanding, yet considerate, Dom.

I’d volunteer myself, but I’m already someone’s Sub!

2 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Who’s a bad girl?

  1. awwww, Baby! If you are gonna be all sub-like, I am in need of some good oral right about now. It would be a relaxing way to finish the weekend!

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