Wicked Wednesday: Training Sara. Part 5  


So after a summer of relative peace, she’s back.

And what does she do?

She messages us of course.

Why wouldn’t she?

We’re hot, and yet vulnerable!

How irresistible.


Hey guys I’m back, want coffee?


Coffee: to be tied up and spanked repeatedly while having to eat pussy.


Yes, we’d love to have coffee.


Sara really is a delightful thing.

But her wanton vagina will get her into so much trouble.

She really does need taming.

Can she be tamed?

Of course not.

Don’t be silly.

But it’s fun trying.


No doubt she will try and get us in on her plan to tame her boyfriend.

Poor David.

Delightful fellow.

Amazing ass, perfect for cocks and strap-ons.

He really is fucked.

Literally and figuratively.


Naturally the poor demented fool has fallen in love with her.

Someone aught to warn him.

No good will come of it.

A woman like Sara is not loving.

Worshipping, yes.

Love? It will destroy you.

She will break your heart and dance on your grave.


Now you see why I have to punish her so.

We need to get our revenge in before the worm turns.

She may be a Sub right now.

But that won’t last.

Her future is to be filled with grovelling subs, licking her killer heels.

Not that I don’ get it.

What man does not want to lick the heels of a goddess?

But every great Domme needs to first know what it is to be a great Sub.

So all you snivelling hunks, you can thank me when you are worshipping Sara!

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