Wicked Wednesday : No Sex I’m a Christian #love

When he first told me he was dating a Christian I was in shock.

A fucking Christian! Are you mad?!

It’s OK, she’s hot!

Well thats OK then, date a nut as long as she’s hot!

Now I’ve nothing against religious sorts, my niece believe in fairy tales.

But when your religious beliefs stop you having sex I have issue with them.


So how are you coping, with no sex?

Well, yeah, she wants to wait. I wouldn’t normally…wait… but she’s a keeper.

So you must be wanking all the time, and rubbing yourself up against random people’s legs, right?

Well it’s complicated….


Strictly speaking we are not having sex. 

Strictly? What the fuck are you two up to?

We’re doing it Bill Clinton style. Actually I’m doing her Bill Clinton style. She’s not anything. 

Hold on, you’re eating her out, but she’s not sucking you off, and no boning?!

Pretty much, he’s still a virgin, and true to her faith. 


Well would fucking you believe it?

Have you ever heard of such stupidity.

In his defence he loves eating pussy.

This is no hardship.

Maybe its some weird domme/sub kinky shit.

But he’s no sub, at least I don’t think so….hmmm.

How much more of this can he endure before he has to ravish her?


This explains a lot.

When you see them together you can feel the tension.

It’s electric.

At first I thought it was the sexual energy.

It is sexual.

It’s sexual fucking tension.


So he let the secret out of the bag.

You must think I’m fucked up?

Loved up more like. Are you going to propose?

Yeah, at christmas.

You know it takes a year to arrange a wedding?

She’s worth it.

Thats the thing, some women are worth the world, and I’m delighted for him.

Now to buy a new hat!

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