Interfering in love

bad-boyfriendTheres no easy way of saying this.

So I’m going to make you say it!


Don’t you just hate being the bringer of bad news?


I have something to tell you.


I mean they….

OK, I mean us.

You see…..



I was never very good at breaking bad news to people.

I’m bit of a coward like that.

So I did it the only way I know.

I told her by text.

we h8 UR BF.  UR 2QT 4 him. No BS!

I think thats clear?


Of course she was not best pleased.

Why is it that women can’t just text you back?

I get the call from hell.

Whats wrong with him?

How long have you hated him?

What do you mean you all hate him?

I love him!

I don’t care if you all hate him.

The L word.

Talk about going nuclear.


I’d like to make it clear that I really could not care.

So a girlfriend is hating a dick head.

I’ve dated many a twat!

Its just life.

Get over it.

But women can’t keep their shit to themselves.

They have to interfere.

More fool me for getting sucked into it.


So I’m the one copping all the flak.

The trouble maker.

And the ring leading women?

They are the one she’s has gone crying off to.

Fecking women!

Would you tell a girlfriend you hated her boyfriend?

4 thoughts on “Interfering in love

  1. I did her a favour! The arsehole always looked at me like I was something to eat (real creepy) and he even tried to feel me up…while I was 8 months pregnant!!! It wasn’t easy telling her what I really thought of him, but I don’t regret it and neither does she. She left him not long after and is still one of my closest friends. We found out a year or so later he’d gotten into another relationship and beat the woman, ending up incarcerated. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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