Fantasy Friday: Turning a blind #cheating


I’ve always prided myself as being non judgemental.

But are there times when you really should judge someone?

When something is so wrong,

You have to speak up.

How about sleeping with a married hottie?

Isn’t that always wrong?

Helping a cheater cheat?

How could you Rob!


But are things always so black and white?

When is cheating not a bad thing?

I know what you are thinking.

Cheaters need their balls cut off.

Or cunt busting!

You’re only saying this because the cheater is hot!

Of course, you’re right.

He’s hot and we want him.

And yes, I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not an asshole.

So the question still stands.

Can I sleep with a cheater and still be an all around great guy?


In this particular case our ‘cheater’ has a partner that refuses to satisfy him sexually?

His long suffering wife is bit of a homophobe, and he likes to get boned.

Tough gig.

What can he do?

Be miserable, take it out on her and the kids until he jumps off a bridge.

Or go out and get it out of his system every few weeks.

The way I see it is, I’m saving their marriage.

If I was not on hand to pork him every now and again he would have left her.

She’d be depressed (but ultimately free from his BS).

The kids would be sad that daddy left (but learn that unhealthy relationships do no last).

And I’d have a clingy man all over my ass.

So you see his is the lesser of two evils.

Some times it’s good t turn a blind eye.


Would you sleep with a cheater?

One thought on “Fantasy Friday: Turning a blind #cheating

  1. it seems to be the lesser of the two evils is absolutely you. Your obligation lies within your own soul and your own sense of morals and morality. If you do not know his spouse and/or are not friends with her- you are under no obligation to tell her about the affair. But if you do know his wife, or are friends with her- you would be very wise to tell her as soon as possible. Give the husband a heads up first so he has a chance to come clean on his own. The more you can stay out of the middle of the bullshit the better. …and yes, the whole thing is total bullshit. He should have never created the situation to begin with. Now he has secrets in his marriage and the only thing he can do now is beg for forgiveness and hope to God his ‘life partner’ of choice is open minded enough to get on board. Otherwise, he needs to give her a fucking change to make up her own mind and move on or move into the groove. But he has to allow her the freedom of making up her own mind for her own self. Instead of making it up FOR her by having further deceit between the two of them.

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