Wicked Wednesday: No Sex. Period!




Stop that!



Because of what?

Because I’m on my period!

Oh, really?


Hmmmmm, really? Let me see.

Get away!


Like a Mountie I always get my woman.

OK, so she’s having her period but does that mean she can’t have any fun?



Just lay back and let me eat your pussy.

No! Get away!


Of course she protested.

But what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t make her cum?

All around her people are fucking.

And coming.

But she has to go without?

Hello no!

Not at my orgy.

Sure she was a little uptight at first.

But after a while she relaxed into it.

Period or no period, what woman does not enjoy a man eating her out to orgasm?


So as she lay there recovering I asked her hubs if they have period sex?


Always Rob. It’s when she’s at her horniest but you know how it is…..

My beloved Houseguest is the same.

Silly women.

Don’t you know we want you most when you’re horny!


J we’re tight, if I can’t eat your wife’s pussy out when she is having her period who can?

You’re right Rob.

I know I am, now bend over and let me fuck your ass.


Do you enjoy period sex?

2 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: No Sex. Period!

  1. Im ok with penetration during my cycle- but oral sex? Im not even going to get started on the whole Taste and Smell issue, but my worry is mainly for health reasons. There are a lot of blood born pathogens that you do not want in your mouth. I would at least refrain from oral sex during a woman’s cycle for that alone.

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