Sinful Sunday: Crazy women!

femme fatale

Nothing scares a man more than a crazy woman.

And there is nothing sexier than a demented female.

You see sexy and crazy go together.

Danger is an aphrodisiac.

You know you should keep you head down, and back away slowly.

But no.

You just can’t help yourself.

You just have to have her.


Only thing is that this bitch is crazy!

You’re not going to have her.

She’s going to have you.

Like a preying mantis.


Why are we attracted to danger?

I have a friend who will only date mad Polish girls

The kind of girl who loses her temper and throws punches first.

And asks questions later.

Only kidding, she never asks questions, she just keeps punching!

You know the type.

She’ll throw your dinner at you and then blow you.


He’s beginning to look old.

Dating these women has put years on him.

He is somewhat bedraggled.

They’re killing him.

And yet he can’t say no.

My advice?

Carry on!

Life is about living.

And there is nothing better than living you life at the edge of destruction.


Mind you, he would like to settle down.

Marry a girl and have kids.

He only sees that happening with an Irish girl.

Trouble is he finds them oh so boring.

He dates one for a few months and then dumps them.

No spark.

No excitement.

No cuts n bruises.


Is he fucked?

Of course he is.

Something tells me he will never find happiness.

But will have a lot of hot memories.

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