Fantasy Friday: Love v Security

marry for money

Have you ever been hungry?

Have you ever not gone to the emergency room because you were broke?

Do you wonder how you will pay the rent this month?

It’s no fun being poor.

Isn’t that a fucking understatement!


Would you trade love for security?

Marry a man because he could offer relief from poverty?


In certain cultures women look for security and an ability to provide.

Those are the qualities that make a good husband.

So what if he looks like yesterdays dinner.

He has money and will make a great father to my kids.


But in the decadent West we place love and attraction at the top of the wish list.

But like I told my friend Mags, beggars can’t be choosers.

Suck it up.

Do what you have to do, to bag a rich man.

What other advice could I give an uneducated hottie who is always broke?


Of course she will need to temper herself, to make herself attractive to rich auld farmers.

This will not be easy for her, as Mags is a demented sexual deviant.

But her wild sex days are behind her.

It’s time she settled down and stopped being poor.


No more wild BDSM threesomes.

No more drugs.


So I’m taking her to one of my uncle’s parties.

He’s a geriatric farmer.

I’m going to set her up with a farmer.

One who is ready to bag a younger wife that will give him kids.

He won’t believe his luck to have a wife as hot as Mags.

And she will get to drive around in a big 4 x 4 and live in a big house.


And if anyone asks how we met?

We met at church choir!


Would you trade money for love?

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