Wicked Wednesday: Sex Addiction. #erotica  #WickedWednesday


sex addict

How do you know if you are addicted to sex?

I mean we all love it, want to do, and enjoy it.

So it can’t be that.

Maybe you are just doing it all the time?

Well I breathe all the time too, you’d hardly call me addicted to breathing.

No there has to be something else.


Maybe it’s an inability to say no?

Someone makes a move on you and before you know it you’re fucking.

You can’t even say no, even when the other person’s a  munter.

You just want and need to get off.


Maybe you don’t know when you’re full?

You’ve just been spit roasted, and followed that up with a desert of a double facial.

But you’re still hungry for me.

You never seem full.


Or perhaps you’re the type who knows you’re going to get something good later.

But rather than waiting for the good stuff you gorge yourself on starters.

A quick blow job here, and little fingering there.


Just perhaps you are all of the above.

Well in that case you are a sex addict.

Does it matter?

As a man I’d say no.

I think its endearing.

But I think many a woman may disagree.


How can I explain what I’m thinking.

I can’t, so let me quote my beloved:

She’s bit of a skank and will fuck anything.

Harsh but true.


Do either of us care that our friend is a demented skank?

Not really.

Its hard to hold a grudge against someone who is so committed to making you come.

She may be addicted, but she my kinda sex addict.


Is too much sex a bad thing for you?

2 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Sex Addiction. #erotica  #WickedWednesday

  1. It is for some people. I’ve heard/read that you know you’re a sex addict when you go WAY out of your way to have sex, literally, any place,any time, and with anybody you can convince to have sex with you, seven days a week and multiple times a day and that’s not just two or three times. They say sex addicts have little to no impulse control, that perhaps somewhere in their history, some sort of trauma happened to them and sex, at least to them, is the only way to make the pain go away… but maybe they’ve erased the pain a long time ago and now their almost hopelessly addicted to the powerful biochemical reactions that deal with pleasure; they need it, they gotta have it, and will stop at nothing to get it.

    Nothing. I’ve heard/read that sex addicts know that they’re addicted but, perhaps like someone strung out on crack, they want it to go away and it’s not gonna do that without some seriously intense therapy to get their impulse control issues under control.

    Can too much sex be bad for you? Physiologically, I’d say that it could, from dehydration to the types of physical stressors usually found in people having a rather serious heart attack at the moment of orgasm; I’ve heard stories where people have, in fact, been fucked to death and it wasn’t due to rough or BDSM-type sex.

    We love to fuck and the more we can do it, the better we feel but as they say, “normal” people might do it today (two or three times) and tomorrow (maybe just twice) and take a break because they need the rest and they have other things to do. Sex addicts, they say, don’t do this; they jeopardize things like employment and schooling because they’re more focused on getting fucked than doing anything else and some stuff I’ve read/heard about says some addicts can go as far as to not eat or drink for long periods of time because they’re almost constantly having sex.

    But you know how society is: Anyone who’s doing the sex thing to any degree of excess is thought to have something wrong with them – and sometimes they’re right… but not all the time. I know women (in particular) who will fuck anyone and because they just love to fuck but I wouldn’t say they were addicted because they knew when to say no.

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