Fantasy Friday: Finding Mr Wrong

Mr Wrong


Some people are truly stupid.

Either that or I’m missing something.

Why on earth would you want Mr Wrong?

This is what I asked my friend Mrs A.

She just dumped her nice but boring boyfriend.

She traded him in for a bastard.


Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m all for trade-ins.

Men are like cars after all.

You should change them every three years.

Before they get too much millage under them.

But should you not trade up?

Why trade down?


Oh Rob! I can’t help it.

He’s a bastard, but he’s exciting and hot.


You really are slaves to your vaginas!


I will accept that he’s hot.

But he’s a twat.

And I’m not saying he’s hot and lickable.

Yes but , but….


It makes no sense.

There is nothing you can say.

You just want a bastard.

Treat you mean, and keep you keen.

Woman you are a cliché.


So how will it all play out?

He can’t be keeper.

My feeling is that they will fuck like teenagers for a year before growing tired of each other.

Then what?

Maybe the ex will turn up like a good penny.

Marry her and condemn her to domestic boredom.

Oh fuck!


Who would you rather have?

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Finding Mr Wrong

  1. I agree with ELLIE, you do have a great sense of humor! Always assuming the men at home are a punishment that women are condemned to. Don’t you know there are just as many women who really need to be traded in. Men are stupid for putting up with it!

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