Swinging? A woman’s view. It’s really no big deal.


MFM threesomes

Each and every swinger has his/her own reasons for having sex with near strangers, and they are myriad. For me personally, in all aspect s of my life, I thrive on new experiences. Somewhat like a mix between the adrenalin junkie and the rolling stone gathering no moss. I don’t find real comfort in the mundane, unless it’s the mundane aspects of love, like sharing a conversation and a meal or simply having my beloved near.

There is nothing I love more than being in the arms of my life partner, but I do like to have new sexual experiences together with him as well. That’s how the whole idea of swinging began for me. More the fantasy in my head of hot orgies, hot MMFs, hot, hot, hot, and why not!

Overall, there have been few truly great swinging experiences, but interesting and entertaining ones, nonetheless. Sometimes we have play dates that are living out our own fantasies: ranging from the hot bi-guys or sexy ladies to groups of differing configurations. Other times we cater to the desires of our partners, which can be oh so very different from those of our own. That’s when it can get a bit outside the comfort zone. But afterwards, as my beloved and I are snuggled up for the night, we laugh about it all and marvel at the craziness of the various fantasies running through people’s heads. Some people fill the evenings with watching TV or drinking in pubs; we do that as well. But just as often, we can be found having sex with near strangers.

Some of these play dates are people to stay in touch with, becoming a bit like friends with benefits. Others turn out to be idiots and are destined to be sexual experiences not worth repeating. I am glad Robert is there to share those experiences with me, partly for safety. But mostly, it’s the shared experiences in life that bind us emotionally, and that means the world to me. After all is said and done, we have our love, and the rest is just a bit of orgasmic fun.

Could you separate love and sex?


3 thoughts on “Swinging? A woman’s view. It’s really no big deal.

  1. Sorry let me start again. My husband and I have been together for 20 years and recently made friends with a another couple. I’m into other women always have been. She asked me not lo g ago if I were into sexually and we started talking about it. Come to find that they like to swing. My husband has health problems and has put a damper on are sex life. So my husband and I talked about it and giving it a try for the first-ever. I know it is just sex for me but, my husband is having an issue with her husband flirting with me and me flirting with him. He seems to think I’m going to leave a not looking back. Which is not the case. Like I said it’s friendship and sex that my husband can’t give me. She knows my husband has issues with his health and is ok with it. It’s more about me that she and her husband wants. As long as they get me they fine with the situation. I guess what I’m saying is that I can separate the sex and friendship. I husband is starting to understand that I love him and he is coming around to think of it as a good thing. Because it’s something that we are going to try and from there. It has to be all 4 of us or just her and I.

  2. Awesome blog post and yes it is possible to separate the two, if all parties are in sync as far as 1) this being a shared fantasy they want to enact together; 2) that there is a foundation of trust in the relationship; 3) no one is being pushed into it; and 4) jealousy gets left at the door. None of that is the norm for most couples, no matter how hot it is to think about, and it makes successfully navigating the swinging lifestyle with your relationship in tact very rare.

    I hope you don’t take this as an attack Yvette, but I have concerns about your response. Your husbands jealousy over flirting screams that he is only on board with it to please you. That he’s only starting to understand screams that this isn’t a shared fantasy. Both those things suggest your pushing him where he’s not sure he wants to go. This is THE rabbit hole to an unhappy ending.

    In the end I don’t know either of you and I wish your husband better health, and you both a long, happy life. But, use caution, some fantasy should only be that. Fantasy.

  3. Yeah, I can separate love and sex easily enough because, even if only intelligently, I know that they’re two separate things that happen to work rather well with each other. But swinging is no big deal when you have your head totally screwed on right (no pun intended) but it does become a big deal because there are so many people who swing who think that they do, indeed, have it on straight… but not really because while there are are women who don’t mind sharing, there are many more who don’t.

    But I’m glad it works for you!

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