Love is NOT in the air

Not in love



I’m just saying.

I meant no offence.

Fuck me.

Chill your bones.

I’m merely saying that you seem to be fucking him a lot.


Well that was it.

I had to be told.

It’s none of your business.

Just because we fuck, does not mean we are together!


I get it.

You’re fucking but you are not together.


I got it.


Call me a simpleton.

But I just thought that if you fucked every week it meant you were together.

I know what you are thinking.

Friends with benefits.

Yeah I get that.

But these two do couple things.

Cinema, pub, long romantic walks.

Ok, maybe not the long walks.


So if fucking each other and spending time together doesn’t mean you’re together…


So what does define a couple?

Let us for a moment assume that these two are not in denial.


Can you be together but NOT be together?

Hell what does that even mean?


Who are they kidding?


Or, if it quacks, waddles and shits feathers…..

They are an item.

And that is final.


So why the hell do they want everyone to think they are not?

Shit is just fucked up.

They seem a perfect match.

Both good looking, successful, etc, etc….

So why?

Like I said.

Shit’s fucked up.

And they say swingers are weird!


So when is sex not Love?

One thought on “Love is NOT in the air

  1. I agree with you Robert, but it seems like now and days if you don’t actually give each other the “title” of being in a relationship then you’re not in one. Which frankly I don’t understand that either. Maybe it’s fear of commitment, or building feeling for each other, maybe they hate the responsibility of being the one yo call it off in case it goes sour. Who the fuck knows!

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