Fantasy Friday : Its all bull shit



It would appear that Irish TV is going to make a programme on swinging.

What goes on, who does who, how you get together, etc, etc.

Seems the Daily Mail reading classes are intrigued.

A good TV producer friend of mine was filling me in.

Not literally, though he is a cutie and I wouldn’t mind.

Hint, hint….


Of course it’s all old news to him.

Gays have been having hot sex with strangers for years.

Straights are only just starting to cop on.

Partner swapping, threesomes, moresomes.

Whateva, it’s just fucking.

But us Irish are so sexually oppressed that this is big news.

I say us Irish, I don’t mean myself.

My fabulousness has no limits.


But anyway, they’re to make this TV programme.

An exposé on the depraved world of consensual adult sex.

We turn a blind eye to kiddy fiddling priests and sadistic nuns.

But adults fucking?

That’s big news.


So why is a gay TV producer making a programme on straight sex?

1. It’s an easy sell. Advertising revenue people!

2. Secondly, he is the only person the TV company can be sure isn’t compromised!


The man spends most weekends high and getting fucked.

But you can be sure he is not out swinging with women!

So I had to ask him, what’s your angle going to be?

Broken homes, fallen women, bastard men, suffering children.

The usual clichéd shite that tabloid reading people get wound up about.


With a bit of luck people will be ranting and raving the next day.

His minions will wind up Twitter and Facebook.

And he’ll earn a nice bonus that he can blow on rent boys and coke.

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