Wicked Wednesday: Control your Muff!

Hairy fanny


Is that what I think it is?

Oh My God!

It is!

It is!



It’s your fecking muff!


Did you know that Muffs are pornographic?

No? Now you do.

You see it’s OK to flash your gash at everyone.

It’s artistic.

As long as you don’t have a muff.

But any pubic hair and we are suddenly in the realm of filth.


In fact, you can hide your gash but if flash your beaver you’re fucked!

When did pubic hair get to be so taboo?

I suppose it’s like Victorians and ankles.

They were obsessed with ladies ankles as they never saw them.

To flash your ankles was akin to a man waving his cock about in your face.


Is this going to be the next big fetish?

The secret taboo of a furry fajita.

I have to confess that I haven’t seen pubic hair on a woman in years.

So if one turned up I’d be gob smacked.

What would I do?

Would I be turned on?



Pubic hair on a woman is degenerate!

Every time I see one I shave it off.

As a man it’s down to me to decide what a woman can do with her fanny.

If it pleases me, fine.

If not……. suffer my wrath!


Of course you could always tell me to go fuck myself.

And take control of your own vaginas.

But it’s a man’s world!

So there!!!

5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Control your Muff!

  1. Say whatever you want. The man who says he loves ALL of me is someone I want to know. Of course I will probably have to invent him in my own mind! What does this say about men, or what women do for them? Nothing we dont already know.
    It is a man’s world…. Unless you are a lesbian!

  2. I keep mine trim but not totally shaved. I get terrible razor burn for a fucking week if I shave it. I need to speak to a few porn stars to find out how they manage to keep from getting razor burn- because I can afford a wax 😦

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