Sinful Sunday: Dutiful wives

BDSM Dominaton


Now that is cute.

How loving.

How caring.

How fecking stupid!

What is the point of offering up your boyfriends ass to a couple of Dom’s?

If you are going to tell us to be gentle.

Doms do what they want.

Even a couple of plastic Doms know that.


This is your fantasy Mrs!

Now suck it up.

Actually it was the Sub who was sucking it up.

Sucking up her squirt….

Sucking up my load……

Sucking up my Dom buddies load.

I’ve never seen a man with two loads and a splash of female squirt on his face before.

He loved it.

Or did he?


According to her it was all his idea, his fantasy.

Yeah right.

This was her fantasy, he was just going along with it.

Such is the price of love.

Or the power of pussy.

Men will do all sorts of stupid things for their wives and girlfriends.

Is pussy really that persuasive?

Must be.


But give her her dues, she was looking out for him at all times.

‘Ciara’ was the centre of attention.

He got to worship two cocks and two pussies.

Tis a lucky man who gets t make two men and two women come.



He did not come.

In fact he did not even get hard.

Could he really be enjoying it?

Maybe it was nerves?

Or maybe it was just what Houseguest suspected all along.

Him living out his girlfriend’s desires?


What stupid things have you done for your lover?



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