The things you do for love

love v lust

What are you willing to do for love?

Move to another country?

Give up your job?

Get married?


How about….

Leave your wife?

Abandon your kids?

Throw your husband out?


Some people will do all sorts of things for love.

Things that would make a whore blush.

How about dress up as a school girl and get fucked by two lads as your GF directs?

For once it’s not me.

A demented friend of mine, a seasoned swinger, has decided she wants this.

Don’t ask me what he wants.

I do know he loves her and would do anything to make her happy.

Including getting spit roasted.


Such is the price of love.

What would happen if he said no?

Would she still love him if he refused her?

The romantic in me says yes, but the realist says no.

Their love is based on their crazed antics.

With those adventures gone, what would they have?

Enough to sustain them?


Love can often be mistaken for lust.

Your lust can be so overwhelming that it compels you to act.

You leave your wife.

Turn your back on your kids.

Emigrate and start a new life.

Though lust may seem like love.

It is not love.

Though you should always lust after the love of your life.


Love has a purity.

It is selfless.

It is all giving.

It is generous to a fault.

Lust is all about the self.

It is all taking.

It is greedy to the point of gluttony.

It is not love.


So what am I willing to do for love?

Everything, such is the price of love.

2 thoughts on “The things you do for love

  1. Wonderful post. I did actually move to another country (yours in fact) for love and, 17 years later I can honestly say I haven’t regretted it for a single moment. Probably because the lust moved right along with me and has only grown during those years.

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