Sensations Series: Death by love


kissing in bed

I’ve changed.

God knows I have.

It creeped up on me.

Took over.

Who am I?


It was just sex.

A play thing.

Something pretty.

A trinket to show off.

A brag.


Beers with the lads?

Or dinner with her?

That bravado that entertained, gone.

By need.

The need to be in her company.

Hear her voice, see her smile.

She indulges me.


Feelings change.

A word breaks your heart.

A look shatters  you.

Such is the price of love.



It changes you.

For the better.

For the worse.

I am extinguished.

Only part remade.


Reflections of her.


In the end I am dead.

My love for her love killed me.

I am reborn.

As hers.

And I am happy.

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