Sinful Sunday: Bored of Sex



Now I’m not saying that it’s happened to me.

All I’m saying is that it happens.

You get to a stage where you have had so much hot sex, you’ve gotten bored of it.

You may think I’m talking shite, but trust me.

It happens.

In fact it happened to to a friend of mine.


Mrs A was such a hot little thing.

But not any more.

Now she’s a mean bitch.

Bored of fucking, shes embarked on a life on pain.

To be more accurate, a life of inflicting pain upon Subs.

As a hottie, men are more than happy to do as she orders.

Even men who are not really Subs.

Do you get that?

Men really will do anything for pussy.



But the fact is she is bored of sex.

Terrible really.

I’d hate to end up like her: A jaded hottie.

Is there anyway that I can stop myself from losing the will to fuck?

Or am I condemned to a life of weird, fucked up, kinky shit?

Maybe I should just accept what may?


The whole thing is just too depressing.

I need to reconnect with sex.

Strip it down to its simplest parts and appreciate it for what it is.

No more paddles, whips and wands.

No, just me, my cock and tongue.

Nothing more, nothing less.


I’m going to be reborn!

Paraaaaaaise Rob!

3 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Bored of Sex

  1. I’d like to think I’d be bored but that’s definitely not the case. I’d be dam lucky to find someone like yourself and we’d see how bored I’d get, NOT! #wishfulthinking..luckyasswomwanand man!!

  2. I’ve heard of it happening and have even come close to feeling that way myself; sometimes, I think one should temporarily forego all the “specialized” stuff that they do as a matter of course and get back to the basics and remember that sex is as much about feeling as it is about doing. I also felt that if you have little or no variety in your sexual behavior, i.e., you still have a long list of what you ain’t gonna do, shortening that list could go a long way to avoid sexual boredom.

    Finally, if one ever gets to the point where having sex is more like a chore than anything else, boredom is going to move in with you and stay for the long run. We become jaded and even take the sex for granted; we have expectations that will lend themselves to becoming bored with sex over time and that’ll have us asking, “Is this all there is to this?”

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