Sex pests!



Sadly there are some people that you will never fancy.

Or even more tragically, who will don’t fancy you….. boo hoo!

So how do you let them down, without hurting their feelings?

Is that even possible?

I mean when is rejection ever not hurtful?

Never I say.


That’s why I’m so bad at saying no.

I just don’t like hurting people’s feelings.

My beloved tells me that I am in fact just leading people on.

I am the ‘encourager’.

I get myself into all sorts of knots and then she has to step in and set things straight.

Well, as straight as things could ever be with us two.


It all comes down to confidence.

Some people just have it by the bucket load.

That whole don’t ask, don’t get attitude.

I just wish I had some of that.

I’m a real ghob shite but even I don’t have the plums.

Houseguest on the other hand, as a yank, has enormous plums.


There is nothing sexier than confidence.

In a woman, that is.

In a man confidence can come across as being an asshole.

Boner killer!

But a strong confident woman,  that’s a thing to be worshipped.


But what is your confidence is misplaced?

What do I mean by that?

You think your hot, but you’re not.

Or even worse, you think you are cool, but you are in fact an twat.

How do you deal with a pushy sex pest?

Thankfully I have Houseguest.


How would you deal with a horny pest?


4 thoughts on “Sex pests!

  1. I would be more than happy to step in and solve a few of your “problem cases”. But then you would be rid of stalkers and mingers forever. Is that really what you want?! You would no longer have them to greet you in the morning, send you horrific pictures during the day, or wish you good night. Would life ever be the same? My fingers are aching to do some typing….. Let me at it!

  2. I’m guessing it has to do with being an American female, because like Houseguest I tell it like it is! I’m not interested then keep walking. Lol does that make me a complete snitching their eyes? OF COURSE, but at least I’m honest

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