Secrets and lies



When does a secret become a lie?

Is it when the secret is so big that keeping it becomes dishonest?

Take my friend Joe, he loves cock.

He loves it in his mouth and up his ass.

He is a cockwhore.

Hardly news.


Trouble is that his wife does not know.

She loves cock too and pussy.

They swing, he keeps it straight, but she can indulge herself.

Hardly fair is it?

Really he should tell her, but he ‘knows’ she will freak.


Seems this is a common fear amongst married bi men.

But there is some truth in it.

I’ve heard quite a few lads tell me how their wives could not cope with them being bi.

Even though they themselves were bi during play dates.


It’s the fear.

The fear of losing out to cock.

As we all know, cock is so amazing once you get a taste you’re hooked.

The wives are afraid that their men will dump them for a hung trucker from Cork.

They have a point.

Cock is alluring, but what we do for sex is not what we want in life.


Most bi men just want a regular fix of cock.

They don’t want to date a man.

They love their wives.

They certainly don’t want to leave their wives.

But every once in a while they want to suck a cock and get fucked.

Perfectly normal and none threatening.

This is just how their wives feel about pussy.


So what advice do we have for his wife?

Should he be honest and risk losing her?

Or should he keep his secret and keep living a lie?


13 thoughts on “Secrets and lies

  1. An honest, sincere conversation is always best. The foundation of their relationship will eventually crumble otherwise. If she’s any kind of woman, she’ll support him…I certainly would xo

  2. He would have to take the risk and confess. Even if she’s not into him being bi, at least she found out by him. Not because she caught him in the act, or because someone else told her. He would need to realize that in the end its going to come out in the open. I’m almost positive she’s going to feel hurt because of the fact that he kept it from her to begin with, and not for the fact that he loves cock. Every relationship is about having good communication, respect, and trust.

  3. He will be gripped around his neck when she finds out he’s been keeping secrets. Especially a secret like this.

          1. I had a “friend” who came out to me and told me he’s bi. Of course I was shocked at first, but hey we both like the same thing it was also really fun to catch each other staring at the same hot guy with a cute ass! The point is!! He doesn’t say anything he’s going to end up losing his wife regardless, and maybe his nuts as well.

  4. See, if I knew she loved pussy and cock, I’d tell her… and if she freaked out, I would immediately hit her with, “Oh, but it’s okay for you to like both?” And then it would be on! If you happen to know, what is the likelihood that she’d freak out over the news?

    In any event, I’d come clean; I might not be able to indulged in some cock when we’re swinging but that leaves the window open for the possibility to get that regular piece of dick when it’s needed…

  5. seems to me that if he is that afraid of her reaction- he has to have some sort of memory or circumstance that he is drawing that feeling from. Whether it be from a thing that happened between them, or a thing that happened to him in the past with someone else. Fear of rejection is usually stronger than a fear of simple embarrassment. I would have him start slow in the telling with her. Drop some hints at first. Then go all out and see what she says if he asks to have them both suck a cock at the same time. Go slow in telling her. Feel her out first. Find out just how judgy and mean she can be about it. Then he will have something to go on. He will be able to make a more educated and informed decision on whether she is truly the right soul mate for him. …..or is she just another soul?

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