Sinful Sunday: The Dominant Sub



What is it with Subs these days?

When did they become so demanding?

Truth is they have always been demanding

Do this, do that, more, more.

Really this is not new news.

It’s is though insufferable.

I don’t know why  put up with it.


What is news is that Subs are always the last to know.

The last to know that they are Subs.

This is particularly true of men.

They hate the idea of being Subs, at first.

They often need a more experienced man to tell them a few home truths.


You’re going to be an anal whore Sub!

What? Who? Me?

They always look to Houseguest, for some kind of reassurance.

As if she will confirm that he is a Dom because he has a cock.

But her smile is all that is needed to crush dreams of being a Dom.


I always tell the Sub that he should note this day in his diary.

The day he came out as a Sub.

Then we set to work on him.

You know, some pain, some ass play, some delightful degradation.

How I love watering eyes….that needy look…..


One only has to look at his boner for evidence of his Sub loving ways.

Hurt me again Sir, please, I like it.

Of course you do, you are a Sub!


New Subs can be a pain in the hole though.

They mean well but are clueless.

I am just infuriated at times.

Thankfully my beloved has her ‘corrector’ to put manners on a new Sub.

Nothing puts a Sub in his place quicker than a merciless pegging.


This was especially true of our last Sub.

At first he protested, it’s a hard limit!

Sure it is…..

But he loved it.

It was just all part of him coming to terms with being a Sub.

Now if only someone did that to me!


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