Sex with Europeans…..doh!

sexy germans


Picture it.

Hot sunshine….

A private villa…

And four hotties ready to party naked.

Nothing could be better…

How about some drugs?

You go ahead, do your thing.

Wow a drug fuelled foursome!

This is going to be great!


It was utter shite!

The most bizarre foursome ever!

Das Germans!

I’ve never seen people write down what they take before.

Time, quantity, type.

Set timer, next dose at….

How anal!

And I like anal!

How Germanic!


OK fine.

Whatever, lets fuck!


Let’s dance.


Ok fine.

Now let’s fuck.


Let’s make tea.


OK fine!

Now let’s fuck please.


Let’s talk about life.



Trapped in a villa, in the middle of nowhere with two boring high swingers.

There was only one thing for it.

Fake it!




I’m coming.

Oh look!

We came, can only come once, must dash.



Of course my beloved Houseguest blamed me.

As the ‘facilitator’ it’s my fault.

But how was I to know?

The last German we rode was a ride!


Seems as a man of the world, I should know that during sex people revert to type.

Germans are perverted but anal.

The Irish are disorganised but great craic.

The English are always needy and tiresome.

Southern girls? Demented but utterly beguiling!

Sorry babe, I promise to make it up to you!

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