A man’s (no) shame


Before and after marriage
Before and after marriage



What the fuck man!

Look at your woman.

She’s a total ride.

But you….



You’re a bleedin minger bai.

Have ye no shame ye bollix?


That’s the thing with lads.

They just let themselves go.

The women?

They look great.

Well dressed, beautifully made up, and smelling nice.

But the men are pot bellied and smelling of stale cologne.


Men just don’t feel any shame.

They can look a right state, but somehow think they are rides.


The women?

Women just have way too much shame.

Like sex? Shame on you!

Like sleeping with lots of men? Shame on you!

Don’t look like Barbie? Shame on you!

Strong and empowered? Shame on you for being manly!


Ashamed of having periods.

Ashamed of some mythical cellulite.

Ashamed of an errant hair growing somewhere.


Women you need to stop hogging all the shame.

Spread it around.

Give some to your men.

It may encourage them to shape up.

They might even stop acting like such dicks and appreciate you more.

Miracles can happen!

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