Sinful Sunday: Domineering Women


cross dressing

It breaks my heart.

Brings a tear to my eye.

Stiff upper lip old boy.

Keep it together.


To see a hot fella.

Down on his knees.

Broken, subjugated……


Dressed up like a school girl and waiting to get used and abused against his will.

It’s just more than I can bare.

What evil power can do this to a man?

What makes a man change his name from Ed to Edina?


A woman.

A very hot, demented woman.



Men are pretty stupid when it comes to women.

And we’ll do anything if promised fantastical rewards.


All the pussy you can eat!

All the ass you can lick!

All the hole you can bone. 

All you have to do is be my bitch.


Do you know what the really disturbing thing is?

They always call me!

Oh Rob, do this for me.

Fuck him and use him.

Do it for me.



I will not do it for you.

I will do it for me.

Seeing a man like this is saddening.

Yet utterly arousing.

He needs to be shown what a real man is.

Yeah, real men fuck other men while they are dressed in silk panties….


As for my own demented woman.

Just the thought of a sub dressed up as a school girl has her reaching for the ‘Corrector’.

Stupid man must be punished for dressing like a school girl!

She won’t spare him at all.


And as of the ringleader.

The author of this sorry tale.

Nothing makes her happier.

The sight of her man, all dressed up and getting porked sends her wild.

There is only so much she can take.

She flings us out of the way and devours him.

Thats our cue to leave!

One thought on “Sinful Sunday: Domineering Women

  1. Have you ever noticed that the folks with the most bazaar fantasies are all very middle class. Is life just too much to bare for us average people, and we lose our minds?!! Maybe so….

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